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Tech is driving the future

Project Shift helps you discover how to grab the wheel and take control of the world's most rapidly changing industry.

Automotive technicians are the next generation of elite, technical-focused professionals. Similar to software engineers during the birth of the internet, automotive technicians are at the forefront of rapidly changing technology.

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compensation plans

Many technicians today receive attractive compensation packages, including signing bonuses, competitive salaries, and enhanced benefits.

costs vs. 4 year college

Jump-start your career and earn money now. Automotive technicians attend 2-year schools instead of a 4-year college—saving more, earning sooner, and gaining experience faster.

high demand

"Help Wanted" is a theme across the automotive industry. Joining the technician career means ease finding a job and always having options.

long-term need

As car technology continues to advance, demand for technicians is expected to skyrocket—an automotive technician career means job security and peace of mind.

transferable skills

Learn high-demand skills. Expertise in computer diagnostics, complex problem solving, and customer engagement are desired in a wide range of lucrative careers.

work with your hands

Technicians don't waste time behind a desk. You'll use cutting-edge technology on vehicles daily and address the most engaging work in the industry.

career advancement

Rack up promotions. Technicians who demonstrate excellence race through the ranks, are compensated for their work, and grow faster than in other industries.

Work for the 
industry's best

These OEMs are here to accelerate your career and invest in you. Make more money, receive stronger benefits and get access to industry-leading training.

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Automotive Technician Spotlights

Automotive technicians are just like you! Learn what a day in the life of a technician looks like!

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