Women in the Automotive Technician Career

While automotive technology has long been a male-dominated field, more women have become involved in technician training programs and roles in recent years!

If you’re a girl who likes hands-on, highly variable computer-oriented work, a job as an automotive technician may be right for you!

With electric vehicles becoming more central to the technician profession, the nature of the work has changed overall. Electric vehicles often have more automated processes than traditional ICE vehicles, which means that techs will have to turn to computers as their tool of choice.

With a greater demand for electric vehicle technician specialists, the number of women enrolled in automotive technician programs has slowly begun to increase. One technician program has outlined plans for an all-female EV tech academy, creating a more inclusive space in the automotive industry and hopefully inspiring more women to pursue a career in automotive tech!

Though women still only make up a small portion of all automotive technicians, some organizations are contributing to efforts to support women interested in automotive technology are helping to increase this percentage. Several scholarships for women in automotive technology have also opened, lowering any barrier to entry into nationwide training programs!

The automotive industry is still in the process of becoming a more diverse, dynamic space. As managers and other professionals increasingly recognize the value that comes with having a diverse workforce, the consumer and employee experience are becoming more inclusive!

Despite some assumptions that the automotive industry remains a male-exclusive space, this isn’t the whole picture. New industry demands require the need for new, high-tech problem-solving skills, which sometimes means substituting a wrench for a computer!

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